Re-Ment Miniatures are now part of Doki Doki!

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We are SO excited to be an Official Distributor of Re-Ment blind boxes! Many of you have been requesting that we include these awesomely detailed miniatures in our Doki Doki crates, but for those of you who are new to the Re-Ment scene, let’s get you up to date!

Some fun Re-Ment facts:

  • The company started in 1998 and launched their first “Puchi Sample Series: Japanese Meals” collection in 2002.
  • The name “Re-Ment” comes from a combination of the company slogan, “Reform the Entertainment”.
  • The Puchi Sample Series were made to look like 1:6 scale versions of the plastic foods you’d find in Japanese restaurant window displays.
  • Re-Ment doesn’t just make miniature foods, they also make miniature furniture, animal and character figures, and fashion items.
  • Re-Ment miniatures are not considered toys, but rather collectibles! These blind boxes are actually marketed for adult collectors and hobbyists.

One of our team members is a huge fan of Re-Ment and brought in part of her personal collection to share. She’s been collecting Re-Ment blind boxes since high school and says that her favorites to collect are foods that come in packaging and cosmetics with tiny makeup brushes and mirrors.


Re-Ment miniatures are most often used in dioramas or with fashion dolls and a special stackable “display room” was released in 2007. The “Puchi Housing” series is now a rare item and can go up to $580 on eBay! Fans can create elaborate rooms using Re-Ment items and some even add in a few of their own custom pieces such as wall paper, carpeting, and working lights to give a more realistic touch.

onigiri_re-ment curry_re-ment

We’re excited to include products from Re-Ment in our Doki Doki crates! Since they offer more than just miniatures in their blind boxes, we’ll have a variety of popular fashion DIY kits, keychains, and figurines.

How will you be displaying your Re-Ments? We’d love to see!

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