April’s Doki Doki: AMUSE Plushies

April Doki Doki: Amuse Plushies

amuse things
This month we’ve partnered with Japanese toy company giant, AMUSE, to bring you official toy plushies that are exclusive to UFO Catchers in Japan! You got 1 of 5 animal friends: an alpaca, sloth, otter, hamster or bunny!


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Fuwatto Fuwacorochan
Introducing the Fuwatto Fuwacorochan series from Amuse! These adorable bunnies are modeled after the Angora rabbit and have the same wild, fluffy appearance! Each one of these plushies has their own distinct personality: Cororin, a scatter-brained older brother; Momorin, the maiden who loves love; Mocha-chan, the chocolate-loving know-it-all; and Mint-chan, their blushing pastel friend!

angora rabbit

Alpacasso are always lovely, but these Kids Alpacasso plushies have been selected for their especially high “loveliness” quotient. The Kids Alpacasso are plumper and rounder than their grown up varieties with cute chibi-style look, and these ones are all wearing adorable strawberry themed bows so they really do look “lovely”.


Coroham Coron
Coroham Coron is the adorable gang of supercute hamsters from Amuse. They love eating, playing, sleeping and meeting other supercute hamsters!

hamster plush

Namakemono Mikke
Sloths – not the most exciting of animals, but they are super cute, as you can see here in this series of adorable sleepy little creatures from cute critter masters, Amuse!

amuse things cropped sloth

Kawauso no Kotsume-chan
AMUSE’s latest group of adorable character plushies features the cutest little river-dwellers – otters! Kawauso actually means “otter” in Japanese, and once again AMUSE has rounded up some of the cutest specimens ever sighted!

otter plush

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  1. looks like my plush was missing its bowtie. and its tail fell off. 🙁 ugh… there was also some kind of pink stain on its ear. done with doki doki crate for a while. 3 meh crates in a row. my first one was the “bootleg” box everyone was complaining about my figure was broken my mom had to glue it back together. i ended up throwing the broken wooden key chain/pen away. my second box was the bento theme and the box got wet, alot of the items inside were paper and totally ruined like the stickers and boxes because of this. this one i couldnt figure out the bracelets, they were cute but the plush i got was terrible. 🙁

    1. Hey Ashley! We’re sad to hear about your plushie! Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get you a replacement. We’re also sorry to hear that your last crate got wet, we may still have a replacement crate for March so please let them know in your email!