Neko Atsume Cats Are Here!

Which Neko Atsume Kitty Did You Find?

Neko Atsuma 1

For this month’s Doki Doki crate, we’ve partnered with Neko Atsume to bring you official Neko Atsume merch! If you didn’t know, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, is a popular Japanese mobile game where you can feed stray cats and they will leave you presents. If you got a Doki Doki crate, you either got the Neko Atsume clip or charm.

There are currently 53 cats for the player to collect. Among these, 19 are considered “rare cats” and only appear when certain items are placed in the yard. Rare cats have a unique interaction with their respective items. Each cat has a unique name, personality and appearance. Many of the rare cats in the English version of the game are named after famous people, with the names of the cats being puns like Lady Meow Meow (Lady Gaga) Mr. Meowgi (Mr. Miyagi), Chairman Meow (Chairman Mao), Guy Furry (Guy Fieri), Saint Purrtrick (Saint Patrick), and more.

Neko Atsume 2

Which cat did you get?! Did you happen to get a rare cat? Let us know by tagging us on social media!
This won’t be our last partnership with Neko Atsume!

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  1. I didn’t receive this in my premium crate. I double checked everything and everywhere. Was it either a Neko Atsume charm OR the otter toy? Because I only got a yellow otter toy.

  2. Never mind, I found my charm! I was looking in the wrong box (I got both the Doki Doki and Japan Crate). How embarrassing!