Japan Crate: Tropical Candies in April!

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Tropical Flavors in April’s Japan Crate

For the month of April, Japan Crate had loads of tropical fruity flavors!

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Fruit Shop Gummy

Each fruit gummy tastes just like the fruit it’s shaped after!  They are a lot similar to Welch’s fruit snacks, but they are a little bit more true to flavor and taste less artificially flavored. It’s like a basket of fresh candy fruits (ˆ ڡ ˆ)


tropical 3Puru Mocchi

Puru Mocchi comes in several different kinds of flavors! This  month we have a grape flavored Puru Mocchi. These individually wrapped cube candies are so soft and melt in your mouth. They’re like eating sugar coated grapes right off the vine!



tropical 4


Wow Such Banana

This fun snack is a banana flavored marshmallow with chocolate cream filling. A little reminiscent of the American twinkie. We’re not too sure why the banana man on the package is dressed in tribal gear though, if you have any ideas comment below!





tropical 5

Pineapple Soda

Although not a native fruit of Japan, pineapple is a very popular flavor! It can only grow in the southernmost tropical island, Okinawa. Fruits in Japan are generally expensive due to the fact that a lot of fruits can’t grow in Japan’s mountainous terrains, so pineapple flavored drinks and snacks are a great way to enjoy the tropical fruit!


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Green Apple Gum

These cute old-fashioned dagashi gum comes with 3 small square pieces. Much like America’s penny-candy, Dagashi means very cheap candies for purchase from an older time. They’re pocket-sized so they’re very convenient to carry around.