May Japan Crate Photo Contest: Re-Crate Your Crate!

Re-Crate Your Japan Crate!

tissue box

In celebration of Earth Month and our new, reversible crates, this month’s photo contest will involve some “out-of-the-box” thinking. We want to see all the ways you can repurpose our newly redesigned crates. The inside of our crates are now decorated with ultra cute candy patterns, and each crate size has its own exclusive candy pattern! Flip the crate inside out and show off these cute candy patterns to your friends and family or use it as a gift box! These crates are too cute to be used for just candy though, so show us how you can repurpose your Japan Crate!41f9LsIMvgL

Take a photo of how you’ve repurposed your Japan Crate box and share your photo on your facebook, instagram, or twitter using hashtags #JAPANRECRATE and #JAPANCRATE to enter!
1 winner will be picked by our panel of judges based on originality & creativity, and 5 more winners will be chosen at random for smaller prizes.

1st Prize: Tabby Cat Kigurumi, Liquid Rechargable Batteries, One Punch Man Reusable Cans
5 Random Winners: Insulated Gudetama Eco Bagsgudetama
Submission Deadline: May 30th
Winners announced the first week of June






Here are some fun examples by the Japan Crate Team of ways you can Re-Crate your Crate!

Japan Crate Branded Bracelet


Japan Crate Branded Hat


Laptop Stand

PC stand

Tissue Box

tissue box

  1. May we also use older crates along with the new design, or is it limited to just using the new crates we got?

  2. I’m having a ton of fun being creative with mine! I almost want to send it in to you when it’s finished. But it will take a few days to complete since the glue has to dry to continue. When is the due date? And where do I post the pictures? I have a facebook, but is there a specific page to post them to?

    1. Hey Krys,

      Submissions close the last day of the month and you can post to our facebook wall for Japan Crate or Instagram/Twitter!

      We’re excited to see your entries!

  3. Hey again! Just wondering when the winners will be announced. ^^ I’m excited to see the most creative pics. ;3

  4. you still have not posted it. isn’t past the first week of june? When are you going to post it?