The World of Soda in Japan Crate

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Soda, Soda, Soda Candies!


soda cola candy

For May’s Japan Crate we included a ton of bubbly soda flavors! Japanese soda candies are known to pack a fizzy punch, while staying real to their soda taste. A lot of these soda candies taste just like their real soda equivalent! Quench your thirst with some of these drink-flavored candies:


soda gumSour Cider Gum

Here’s something for the sour candy lovers! Cider is a refreshing soda that is especially good for hot days. This gum encompasses that flavor with a fun sour kick!




PachiPachi Panic ColaJapanese-study-finds-optimum-aluminum-bottle-opening-size-for-Coke-drinkers

Similar to pop rocks, PachiPachiPanic Cola brings you a crackling taste of cola with sour lemon surprises. “Pachipachi” is the onomatopoeia for the “cracking” sound these candies will make when you eat them!



cola gummyJapanese-food-weekly-vol66-picture3Kajirittyo Cola Candy

Kajirittyo, which literally translates to “Let’s Gnaw,” is a chewy rope candy that is cola-flavored on the outside and cider flavored in the inside. Two different soda flavors in one candy rope. 



grape sodaGrape-Fizz-orig-ciderHajikete Grape Cider

Sparkling Grape Cider is a perfectly refreshing spring drink! “Hajikete” means burst so this cider is full of bubbles! We hope your days are as bubbly as this drink.


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