Our New Shipping System: How it Works

faqQuestions about our new shipping method?

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After making Japan Crates larger and more full, we had a few concerns about shipping. We had recently been receiving a large amount of feedback in regards to crates lost/damaged by USPS,  so we wanted to make sure that the bigger crates would arrive safely and unharmed.

Since we were unable to secure the same shipping method we were currently using for the larger sized crates, we searched for a system that would keep crates safe and deliver them as quickly as possible without us having to charge for shipping or raise prices for the more packed crates.

We found a shipping partner that would allow us to get your crates delivered quickly, while also being handled much less than the previous method so we went for it.


  How exactly does the new shipping system work?



Crates start out by passing through a sorting center in Nevada and dispatching in batches to hubs near your city.


From there, they’re sent to your local Post Office for delivery. By doing this we can ensure your crate passes through fewer hands, resulting in less damaged/lost crates.




We have answers!


Does this process mean longer shipping times?

The new tracking system now includes updates throughout the order being processed for shipping. Tracking e-mails were sent out this month before the crates actually shipped. This made it seem like shipping time was much longer than it should have been. We apologize for the confusion! This is our first month of transitioning so there’s a few details we need to work out. We are adjusting our timeline by sending crates out earlier to accommodate the processing time.


Why was my crate in Nevada?

Since the new shipping company also handles processing, all the crates are sent to their nearby hub in Nevada, sorted, and then dispatched to hubs all over the US. Your crate will arrive at the hub closest to your city before being sent to your local USPS office for delivery to door.


My crate hasn’t come and my Expected Delivery Date has passed, why?

This month the tracking system displayed the first possible delivery date, but your crate could actually be delivered any day in the timeline outlined in your email. For example, the tracking may show the delivery date as being June 10th, but in the e-mail it will show up as June 10th – June 13th. We will be making adjustments to the system so the date displayed is more clearly and accurately.


Since this is our first month on this new system, we’ve learned a lot and are making the necessary changes to ensure you receive your crate as quickly as possible and in the best condition possible. We will also be adjusting our fulfillment schedule so crates will ship out from the main Nevada hub during the first week of the month to account for the sorting process time.


As much as we tried to make the transition between systems as seamless as possible, we hit a few bumps. We apologize for the confusion and the delays, but we assure you we are on our way to having a more reliable shipping system!  Thank you for your continuing support and patience, we love you! ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

-The Japan Crate Team

  1. Awesome ^^ I thought I never received my email but it turns out it was in my spam for some reason o.o I blame myself I accidentally marked one email as spam while cleaning out my box o.O
    I loved the new shipping though and I cannot wait for next month ^_^

  2. I received my crate and it was wonderful!

    However I never got a tracking number, and checked all of my folders in my email (including spam)

    Honestly, if there wasn’t a tracking service available at all it would be fine, the only reason I complain is because I expect a tracking email, you know?

    Otherwise everything was delightfull :^-^

  3. Thank you 🙂 I think a lot of confusion really was because of getting updates. About the sorting and processing, I think people like me are just used to seeing routine shipping numbers and anything outside of that is a little irksome to be told about, That might be something else to try, only showing them after Nevada has sent them if there is a way to do that. Anyway I am 100% pleased with the May box and am excited to see June’s

  4. I appreciate the “Why was my crate in Nevada” question, but I have a followup question.

    Why did my crate go from California to Nevada, spend approximately 30 hours there, then go BACK to California? The first trace is from USPS, the second is from the information sent to me in the tracking email. I’m just trying to understand what happened here.

    Arrived Shipping Partner Facility COPPELL, TX 75019 May 6, 2016 9:23 am
    Departed Shipping Partner Facility LOS ANGELES, CA 90040 May 5, 2016 1:50 am
    Departed Shipping Partner Facility SPARKS, NV 89441 May 4, 2016 7:36 pm
    Arrived Shipping Partner Facility SPARKS, NV 89441 May 3, 2016 1:37 pm
    Picked Up by Shipping Partner RICHMOND, CA 94804 May 2, 2016 6:36 pm


    Friday, May 6th:

    Electronic Shipping Sent to USPS at 22:05 PM



    Friday, May 6th:

    In transit at 21:08 PM

    Coppell, TX


    Friday, May 6th:

    In transit at 21:02 PM

    Coppell, TX


    Friday, May 6th:

    In transit at 14:23 PM

    Coppell, TX


    Thursday, May 5th:

    In transit at 6:50 AM



    Wednesday, May 4th:

    In transit at 0:36 AM

    Sparks, NV


    Tuesday, May 3rd:

    Arrived at Shipping Facility at 18:37 PM

    Sparks, NV


    Monday, May 2nd:

    Electronic Shipping Info Received at 23:36 PM

    Richmond, CA


  5. Thank you for explaining everything about the new shipping method, a lot of people were upset and confused about it. I love how thoughtful the people of japan crate are, they place customers first. When there’s good service, I will definitely stay with japan crate.

  6. Oh, this sounds awesome! I do hope everything works well. ^^ The only complaint I could mention is that some candies (usually chocolates) often arrive… A little melted. Like the panda cookies in May’s crate. But I don’t blame that on the handlers at all- I live in Texas after all. LOL

    But I do have a suggestion: Is there anyway to add insulation to the boxes? I know a lot of people live in hot states, and my crate usually has to sit in sunlight for a while before I find it by the gate… I mean, it’s fine if you can’t, but it would be nice to enjoy cute little chocolates without finding that they have become a adorable, delicious mess, LOL