May Doki Doki Photo Contest: Senbei Decoden

Make Your Own Sweet Deco Senbei~

senbei 3 sendei 2 senbei


For this month’s Sweet Deco themed Doki Doki Crate, we thought it would be fun to put your craft and decorating skills to the test!

Create your own sweet deco-style senbei sandwich! Use both sweet senbei crackers and decorate with whipped cream, cookies, fruit, sprinkles, and pretty much anything you want! Did you accidentally eat your senbei cracker before reading the contest rules? No worries! You can use graham crackers as well ^_^
Take a photo of your sweet deco-style senbei and share the photo on your facebook, instagram, or twitter using hashtags #DOKIDOKICRATE and #DECOSENBEI to enter! *Your profile/post must be public so we can see them!

decoden prizes
1 winner will be picked by our panel of judges based on originality & creativity, and 9 more winners will be chosen at random for mini prizes!

1st Prize: Your own Sailor Moon-themed Sweet Deco kit, Includes silicon whipped cream, cabochons, and more!
9 Random Winners: Custom Made Sweet Deco Compact Mirrors
Submission Deadline: May 30th
Winners announced the first week of June


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