Doki Doki Exclusive Plush: Petite Lapin

petit lapinMay Doki Doki Exclusive Plush: Petite Lapin

Screenshot 2016-05-17 16.43.35This month we have a very special plushie to share with you, it’s our first Doki Doki exclusive plushie. Petite Lapin is a fully original character imagined by the artists at Japan Crate, and we hope you love him as much as we do! He was created exclusively for May’s Sweet Deco Doki Doki Crate with the help of a well-known Japanese manufacturer of all things kawaii.

Who is Petite Lapin?

Petite Lapin, the bunny that loves French culture, resembles a Macaron with his cute little beret! Petit Lapin is a Japanese rabbit who found his love for everything French at his school’s culture club. He was finally able to save up enough money to go to France last spring and enjoyed visiting art museums, boutique shopping, and above all, French bakeries! He was so inspired by French delectables, like macarons and eclairs, when he came back to Japan he began baking his own eclair-flavored macarons to give to his friends. Petite Lapin loved sharing the culture of France through food so much that he opened a small online shop so he can earn enough money to take another trip to France next year. We are rooting for you Petit Lapin!

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