Decora Fashion with Tomomi!

Decora Fashion with Tomomi!



みんなさん こんにちは! Hi everyone! It’s Tomomi and today I will be giving you some styling tips on one of my favorite Harajuku trends, decora-kei!

Decora is one of my favorite styles because I love kawaii accessories! I can’t get enough of them! The key to decora-kei is to layer on many, many accessories and to layer your clothes. This is perfect for me since I cannot always decide what I want to wear. “Less is more” does not apply to this style!


The point is to layer on many accessories so many decora followers in Japan buy most of their jewelry and hair clips from shops like Daiso, Sun Hoseki (Hoppe Chan’s maker!), and children’s clothing stores. Big, colorful, and unique pieces are very popular so many people make their own jewelry! I like to use key chains, cute office supplies, and plushies to make mine.

image3Rie-pon and I both love our eyeball hair bows!

One decora-kei trademark is the use of many hair clips. I suggest using a few large clips first and then placing smaller ones around it. The more mismatched the clips are, the better! I love the eyeball bow clip from the Doki Doki crate. It’s such a unique piece to wear!

Another point is to wear stickers and characters bandaids on your face. Why stop at just accessories when you can decorate your face too? I think placing stones and stickers around the eyes really accent my eye makeup. My tip: use eyelash glue to help keep them in place all day!

Focus your outfit around colorful prints and cute styles. I like to layer thin patterned socks, wear colorful leggings under skirts, and layer long sleeve shirts under oversized t-shirts. I top my outfit off with a DIY decora face mask before heading out to meet my friends Mie-tan and Rei-pon.


Mie-tan prefers a more girly and pastel decora look. Rie-Pon likes a cooler image!

For anyone who wants to try out decora-kei, be creative and try using anything kawaii as an accessory! There’s many different styles of decora as well: Color decora (having a dominant color in your outfit), rainbow decora (wearing ALL colors!), black decora (more of a gothic/punk style), or my favorite, pastel decora.

I hope you enjoy decora-kei and my tips! If you decide to try it out using this month’s Doki Doki accessories, share your photo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the tag, #dokidokicrate!

またね! See you next time!


  1. These girls are so freak’n adorable…very Japanalicious! I hope my daughters will one day follow the Japanese/Asian trends like these girls do. It shows freedom of style (no limits)! It’s like doing Cosplay every day…only it’s a style-thing.