Meet Take Omo, the 2nd Doki Doki Exclusive Plushie


Meet Take and Omo!

We’re so excited to introduce another Doki Doki exclusive plushie line! Meet Take and Omo, two of the most fashionable dogs in Harajuku!

Take is a rambunctious puppy that dreams of being one of Tokyo’s top street fashion models. He struts up and down the streets of Harajuku in hopes of being photographed for a fashion magazine and has a goal is to be in 10,000 photos this year. You can sometimes find him striking a pose in the background of another model’s photo!

Omo is Take’s sweet older sister. She loves decora fashion but her parents hope that she would dress “more her age”. However, Omo believes fashion has no age limit and dresses to her hearts content! You can find her with her brother around Harajuku in matching decora gear.


The idea of Take and Omo was put together by our own Japan Crate design team and our partnering company in Japan, Sunhoseki, brought them to life. We sat down with our design team to learn more about the story behind these kawaii floppy eared pups!


“Take and Omo are inspired by decora fashion in Harujuku. Their stars and hearts are based off the stickers you might see on trendy fashionistas that walk Harajuku’s streets. The button is a cute accessory that is quirky in a fashion, but is also a nod to their plushie nature. Their names came from two major streets in Harajuku, Takeshita Dori and Ometesando. We wanted them to embody the culture of the district so what better names than two landmarks in Harajuku? We took special care in the designs of their eyes because it gave them their distinct expressions and unique personalities. Although inspired by decora-kei, they lack the many accessories that make up that style. This is no mistake! Take and Omo only wear their favorite trinkets at all times, so it’s up to you to dress the rest of them up for the day!”

We’d love to see how you accessorize your plushies! Will Take and Omo rock funky earrings? Maybe a cute hair pink on their ears? The possibilities are endless! Post your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtags #dokidokicrate. We’d love to see your outfits for them!

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