June’s Okashi Salon DIY Contest

Japan Crate Photo Contest: Okashi Na Salon


“おかしな!” (Okashii-na!)
How funny!
With the Okashina Salon DIY kit, you can make a variety of funny creations using pink candy “hair!” Here at the Japan Crate office, we couldn’t stop laughing while trying to create some of our own hair styles and want to see what you can come up with!

Here are two of our own creations!


Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, take a photo and post it on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtags #JAPANCRATE and #OKASHINASALON. Be sure to make the post public so that we can see it!
Our panel of judges will choose one winner based on creativity and the uniqueness of the hairdo. First place winner will receive a replica Kill la Kill Scissor Blade, a Mousse Clay Crepe DIY kit, and a Clay Burger DIY kit. Five additional winners will be chosen at random to receive Pikachu Ramen and a grab bag of 10 surprise candies!



Submit your entries by the 30th of June for a chance to win! Winners will be announced the first week of July.
Good luck and happy styling!
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