Snoopy Blind Box Variations Revealed

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Snoopy x Qee Blind Box Variations

The Peanuts comic sesnoopyries are known worldwide, so it’s no surprise that Japan loves them too! In fact, the world’s first Snoopy Museum opened in Roppongi, Tokyo just two months ago. After viewing the original works by Charles M. Shulz, fans can enjoy Snoopy-inspired treats at Café Blanket or the Peanuts Café by the Megurogawa River!

For June’s Doki Doki Harajuku theme, we thought this colorful Snoopy x Qee blind box series was a perfect fit. We were able to get these before their official release date, so you won’t find them anywhere else until the end of June. All Doki Doki subscribers received one of eighteen different color variations. You can find all the possible designs on your box with the odds of receiving that style of Snoopy!

What color did you receive? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. I got the hot pink sparkly one. He will fit right in with all of my other blind box figures.

  2. I got a pink sparkly one. Not the dark pink, mine is the light pink with sparkles, and my daughter got the normal pink one. I love mine. He is sitting in the living room on the coffee table. My daughter had been playing with hers all week.

  3. I got the baby pink glittery one, so happy! I think I’m gonna use him on some decoden headphones I’m making 😀

  4. what?? i went a glower to lol i also got the dark blue/purple/black snoppy…the color is interesting think it is dark purple/black glitter tho. thxs alot love blind boxes <3