Fortune Telling Candy: Puchu Puchu

Puchu Puchu Uranai: Fortune Telling Chocolates!

If you’re unsure about your future and are craving something sweet, Puchu Puchu Uranai is made for you! This fun candy is known by the young and old in Japan as it’s sold in dagashi shops. You may have seen Puchu Puchu Uranai in Dagashi Kashi was well! In a quest to be more popular with girls, Tou buys the fortune telling chocolates and tries them out with Kokonotsu. Tou is on to something because in Japan, fortune telling is very popular amongst high school girls!

Let’s read your fortune!

How to play:

When you pop them out of the pack, look for a symbol on the foil behind the chocolate! Each symbol shows the level of your luck for the fortune listed below the candy. Use the key to help decipher your luck!

new puchi




おしゃべり- Gossip
あそび – Play
ともだち – Friends
れなあい – Love
デート – Date
けっこん – Marriage
にんき – Popularity
けんこう – Health
しゅくだい – Homework
テスト – Test
ねがいごと – Wish
なやみごと – Troubles
おけいこ – Class
スポーツ – Sports
おれい – Rewards
おかいもの – Shopping
りょこう – Travel
みらい – Future

Which fortunes did you get Very Good luck? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Gossip, Popularity, Class, Play, Homework, Date and Future. Is this chocolate telling me to continue my Japanese Language Course and for it to move to Japan? Lol

  2. Gossip – Bad
    Popularity – Bad
    Class – Very Good
    Play – Very Good
    Health – Good
    Sports – Not Good
    Friends – Not Good
    Homework – Very Good
    Rewards – Good
    Love – Very Good
    Test – Bad
    Shopping – Very Good
    Date – Good
    Wish – Bad
    Travel – Bad
    Marriage – Good
    Troubles – Very Good
    Future – Very Good

  3. Wish, troubles, travel, and future. What does very good even mean for troubles?!