Doki Doki Exclusive Plushies: Kingyo & Remon

Meet Kingyo to Remon, the 3rd Doki Doki Exclusive Plushie!

“Bloop, bloop.”

That’s how you say “hello” in goldfish! Meet the newest additions to our Doki Doki Plushie family: Kiko and Wawa! These two unlikely friends were found by Tomomi at a pond near a citrus orchard. Learn more about their back stories and the creative process behind their stories below!

kiko wawa copy

Kiko is the most beautiful goldfish in the WHOLE pond! Or, that’s what she tells everyone! She’s a little goldfish that looks a bit like an orange and is best friends with the lemon, Wawa. Her bright orange scales reflect her outgoing personality! She’s always looking out for Wawa when they play together so she gets upset when they’re apart!

kiko wawa comic1 kiko wawa comic2

Wawa is a sourpuss lemon that gets mistaken for a fish. He fell into the pond one day after losing his glasses. He doesn’t like to admit it, but he has very poor eyesight without them. Kiko plays with him and makes sure he doesn’t get into trouble but he has a hard time keeping up with her as he often mistakes other oranges for Kiko!

Our plushies are designed by our own in-house design team! When they learned that the theme for the July Doki Doki Crate was Summer Matsuri, they instantly thought that a goldfish plush would be an awesome fit. Goldfish and small fruit are considered to be lucky in Japan so Kiko and Wawa are the perfect paid for good luck. Their silly and funny faces are inspired by real fish’s own blank but endearing expressions

Did you get the bright and beautiful Kiko or the adorable but sourpuss Wawa? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  1. I got the bright and beautiful Kiko and I really do like how it’s design is like a real fish instead of gigantic kawaii eyes that don’t belong to a fish. I really liked how you guys included a little bell decoration with the plushies because it’s even more fun to play with them now 🙂 Kiko is really cute and I’m happy to have a new friend next to Omo (I was unfortunately able to get the first Doki Doki Crate so I missed out on the bunny)! Thank you for telling me backstories on the plushies because it makes them more interesting and thanks for giving me Kiko as Kiko sort of fits me :3 Wawa is very adorable as well though

  2. I got Wawa. I love their stories; they were a perfect addition to July’s box.

  3. OMG! Great job! These kawaii kingyo are so adorable and very appropriate for the summer festival theme. I am intrigued by the goldfish game that is played at the festival. What is the object of the game?
    Could you please consider putting the “real thing” in the Doki Doki Crate as one of the surprises? I would love to get one of the actual kingyo that you scoop out of the water. Just a suggestion.

  4. Super kawaii! Excited to see who is next to join the Doki Doki Plushie family 🙂

  5. I like the consept and the comics are cute. I personaly find my Wawa creepy and not cute at all.