Let’s Use Washi Tape!

Let’s Use Washi Tape!


Do you know washi tape? This adorable paper tape has a huge following around the world and is popular amongst crafters. Washi (和紙) is a type of Japanese paper that uses fibers from plants. Washi tape uses washi paper and adhesive and has a feel similar to masking tape. You can find a wide array of colors, prints, and patterns and it’s very common for artists to create their own!

For our Back to School themed Doki Doki Crate, we’ve included our own Hoppe-Chan & Friends washi tape for you to use! There are many tutorials online on DIY crafting and decorating tips so we took a few and went to work! Here are some ways that we’ve been using our washi tape at the Japan Crate office!

1. Personalizing your keyboard


Keyboards are something that we use daily for work and studying, so of course we would want to make it more kawaii to fit our style! While there are keyboard skins and stickers available, we like that we can create our own color scheme/pattern using washi tape! Taking strips of washi tape and an Exacto blade, carefully place the tape on the keys and trim off the access using the blade. If you make a mistake or want to rearrange the colors, you can easily peel the washi tape off and start over! This is also great because you can change up your keyboard color scheme often.

2. Decorating photos.


Instax photos are fun to keep on desks, in lockers, or in planners. Washi tape can be used to transform plain white borders into a custom frame! We took a couple photos that were our favorites and added washi tape to the borders to make them stand out more on our desks.

3. Personalize cups and food for parties!

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During the school year, there are birthday, slumber, and holiday parties to host and attend! We also like to have parties at the office and a common problem that we have is remembering which cup or plate is ours. Washi tape to the rescue! You can use washi tape on cups to help guests remember which is their drink and make cute little flags to decorate food! 

Washi tape can be used for many things so it’s easy to find new uses for it! How will you use your Hoppe-Chan & Friends washi tape? Are you a collector of washi tape as well? Let us know in the comments below!

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