Doki Doki Exclusive Plushies: Homeroom Bears

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He’s a British foreign exchange student and she’s a cute but not-so-bright schoolgirl. Meet Calvin and Coco, the 4th line of exclusive plushies by Doki Doki! These two high school students met in homeroom on the first day of school and have been inseparable since! (Due to Coco’s insistent efforts…)preview-full-calvincococomic1

Calvin came to Japan as an exchange student. He enjoys studying kanji and reading classic Japanese literature. Although he doesn’t like to admit it, Calvin secretly loves seifuku! He also pretends to only be tolerating Coco, but we think he may be secretly liking all the affection she showers him with.

Coco is an adorable and bubbly student at Calvin’s school. She’s not the top of her class and spends most of her day doodling or daydreaming. She is madly in love with Calvin and loves how sharp she looks in a gakuran!

The idea behind the Homeroom Bears’ story is based from the sweet, innocent love experienced in school. Our designers wanted to evoke the pure and strong feeling that comes with having a crush while in school. They took that basis and added a “foreign” twist by creating a character, Calvin, that moves to Japan from abroad. He adds a sense of light hearted
confusion through well intended actions as the two interact and exchange cultures.


For this month’s Back To School themed crate, the design team chose to make our plushies into ID pass cases! In Japan, ID passes are crucial for students because they often use trains to go to school every day. It’s common to find cute and kawaii pass cases that appeals to kids and teens. Since Japanese students always need to keep their ID and transit passes with them at all times, they tend to clip them to their bags or clothes. We’ve attached a little zip-pull so that you won’t lose Calvin or Coco when you’re out and about! Whether it be to school or to work, they will be a cute and friendly companion that will hold your passes safe.calvincococomic2 (1)

Did You Know? The custom that Coco is referring to a Japanese middle/high school tradition where boys give a button to the girl they like most! On graduation day, it’s common for younger students to ask a senpai for their button. The second button is the closest to the heart so it’s the most coveted one! If a senpai receives many requests, he will give the second button to the girl he likes most and give his other buttons to the other students. Coco is hoping that Calvin will give her his second button before his foreign exchange term ends, however, it seems that Calvin is lost in translation! Poor Coco!

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