Julie Plush from September’s Doki Doki Crate

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your feedback about September’s exclusive plushie, Julie. It’s important to us that you receive characters you’ll love, and in recent surveys many of you requested full-body plush friends. The samples of Julie looked great, but we’re still new at creating completely custom plushies, and sadly the final product we received didn’t quite match what we envisioned.

Screenshot 2016-11-30 15.00.45Original Julie design and the first prototype plush.

We were disappointed by the quality of the plushies when we saw how they were received by our subscribers. For our future plushies, we are working more closely with the Japanese company that makes our plushies, Sun Hoseki. We’ve recently visited their office in Japan to solidify guidelines for quality control, and discuss how we can better design our plushies.

Screenshot 2016-11-30 15.00.51

Julie; prepackaging.

Sun Hoseki noticed that during the sealing process for shipping, the strong vacuum seal loosened materials like Julie’s whiskers, tail, and hat, so when they were opened, the overall quality of the plush was compromised. They are looking into new ways to pack the plushies for the long journey from Japan to you.

While we normally do not accept returns for refund, if you wish to return your Julie, we are offering a $7 credit to your account that will be applied on your next renewal. Please contact our team at [email protected] with subject line Julie Plushie Return for details on returning your Julie plush.

To ensure that you have original plushies you love and the best Doki Doki Crate experience, please share your ideas with us in our survey! We’ll be picking one random respondent to win a free 6-month Doki Doki Crate subscription!

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We thank you for your continuing support and hope that you still love us. We love you! <3

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