Doki Doki Exclusive Plushie: TakeOmo Spooky Style

TakeOmo Spooky Style!

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Due to a large and positive response, TakeOmo is back! The fashionable canine siblings love Halloween (Or any holiday that allows them to dress up!) and came in the October Doki Doki Crate decked out in their costumes. We talked to the designing team behind TakeOmo to find out her inspiration behind the Vampy Omo and Franken-Take!

“With Halloween around the corner, we thought it was a great chance for our resident fashion dogs to show off their spooky flair.  It was difficult to choose a costume with so many ideas to choose from but we decided that we wanted them to dress as classic monsters that everyone can easily recognize. Frankenstein’s monster’s iconic features was a good fit for Take’s spunky style, from the flashy lightning to the shiny metallic bolts. His stitches even make him look like he got a little too rowdy. We thought a vampire was fitting for Omo as she always seeks to remain youthful. We gave her a playful look with the little blood drop, the unique bat piece, and her iconic wink (with a mischievous twist). We hope you enjoy their Halloween looks as much as we do!”

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The comics really show the the presonalities of both Take and Omo. We loved the kawaii pink bat hair pin that Omo is rocking and the lightning bolt stickers on Take’s face. We wonder what they will dress up as next year?

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Would you like to see TakeOmo again? What kind of trend shall they try next?

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