Disney Japan Release New Plushies, Ufufy!

Update: We’re giving away two Ufufys! Learn more here.

Disney Japan is releasing a new plush line! These adorable plushies are Tsum Tsum inspired, called Ufufy!

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.09.30(Ufufy Collection!)

Shibuya, Japan is hosting an event where you can meet these kawaii plushies from Thursday 11/10/17 to Saturday 11/12/17! The Ufufy plushies already doubled the first day sales of Disney’s TSUM TSUMS, making a grand entrance during their launch event in Shibuya MODI.

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.10.13(Giant Ufufy Donald Duck)

Disney Ufufy are light, fluffy, and soft as if they were “born from a cloud” and the pastel colors and round shape transform your favorite characters into a cute new look that is sure to make you happy every time you touch one! Ufufy aim to make you feel comfy and relaxed through their appearance, texture, and scent.

The event has a cute food truck from Totti Candy Factory providing special edition cotton candy that are fluffy clouds, much like the Ufufy plushes themselves!

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.10.52(Truck from Totti Candy Factory)

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.11.32(Kawaii Cotton Candy!)

Hopefully, these cute Ufufy plushies become available worldwide for everyone to enjoy!

Source: http://dtimes.jp/walt-disney-japan-disney-ufufy-2016-11/

  1. They look so cute and round and mini and just adorable <3 O^O I can just imagine how small it'll be in my hand XD I love how they're pastel-colored because it really does provide a soothing effect for the person, which actually helps Ufufy's goal! Cotton candy really does suit them as a food btw! I hope I can go to Japan one day and experience all this kawaii culture!

  2. They’re all so cute! I miss Japan so much. I wouldn’t mind some of that cotton candy either 😁

  3. I love them!!! I would like to be the lucky one to win!!! I love Tsum Tsum and these guys are super kawaii =)

  4. I really hope that these get available world wide. I already love tsum tsums and would love the opportunity to collect these!

  5. I like some fluffy things but I don’t like these 🙁 I wish they weren’t so fat, maybe they would be cuter.