Here’s What You Missed: November Japan Crate

November Japan Crate Theme: Japan Throwbacks!

Ramune Roulette
Everyone’s favorite Japanese soda is back! Ramune! One of Japan’s original sodas, the flavors may have changed but the bottle always remains the same. Can you balance the marble while drinking it? In this month’s crate, you will receive one of six flavors! Which one did you get?

Ginpis Shima Choco
Cone What’s cuter than star-shaped food? This chocolate puff stick comes in the shape of a star so whether you slice or bite it, you’ll see it’s cute shape!

Chobo Chobo Cooki
Chobo Chobo Cookies, not to be confused with Chocobo Cookies, have been in Japan since 1918. A long time favorite, these cookies melt in your mouth. Goes great with coffee or tea!

Coris Sonomanma Crape Fūzen Gum
This is a fun candy to try with a friend! Two out of the three juicy grape gumballs is sweet, however, one is super sour! You won’t be able to tell until you take a bite!

Brazilian Orange Pocky
As part of the promotions for the 2016 Rio Olympics, Pocky introduced a new limited edition flavor: Brazilian Orange Pocky! The creamy white chocolate goes well with the fragrant orange!

House Tongari Cone Assari Shio Flavor
Cone shaped chips are great because you can wear them on your fingers and pretend their claws before you eat them. Tongari Cone comes in an Assari Shio, or lightly salted, flavor.

Saku Saku Panda Cookies Pack
Back by popular demand, Saku Saku Panda Cookies! These cookies are not only adorable, but have a great combination of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and a crunchy biscuit.

Big Thunder III
Black Thunder has been a popular chocolate bar in Japan for over 20 years. With different variations on the market, we’ve included Black Thunder III. This looks like a waffle because there’s a coating of milk chocolate over a crispy cookie.

Waku Waku Dōbutsu Soft Candy DIY
Combining yummy soft candy and lollipops, Waku Waku Dōbutsu lets you create cute animal shaped lollipops! With two flavors, lemon and strawberry, you can create adorable animal shapes using the mould. For instructions, see page KIKS!

Funwashi Choco Monaku
Airy chocolate encased in a wafer shell offers a nice crunch with a smooth and melty finish. This texture of chocolate is very unique but is common in Japan!

Fruit Sour Gummy
We love sour gummies, and this one is a JC favorite! This sweet strawberry gummy is coated in sour candy to give a nice balance of sour and sweet!

Chew~ing Straw Green Apple Flavor
“Chuu” is the sound effect of kissing/pucking, so the name “Chew~ing” is quite clever! These chewy straws come in a tart green apple flavor! Did it make your face pucker?

Umai Sugar Rusk
Rusk has been eaten with tea or coffee in Europe for years before it came to Japan. Twice baked baguettes coated in sugar and butter became a popular snack during tea time! The company behind Umaibo created their own version using corn puffs. This version is sugar flavor and it’s super addicting!

Men’s Pocky
The size of this Pocky box may surprise you. It was marketed towards men as they can fit it conveniently in their shirt pocket! The chocolate is darker and more bitter as well, and goes great with coffee. Tuck a box of Men’s Pocky in your pocket so you can snack at any time!

Sports drinks in Japan aren’t as sweet as the ones in the States. They mostly have a lot of vitamins to help replenish active bodies. Sportsbu offers potassium, sodium, and citric acic in the convenience of a chewy candy! Make sure to have a couple of these handy when you start Christmas shopping!