Here’s What You Missed: December’s Doki Doki Crate

December’s Theme: Dokiversery, Holiday Edition!

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Monthly Hoppe Chan
Hoppe Chan is ready for her Xmas date, dressed in white like the falling snow and wearing a festive red bow. Her Xmas present is ready and a Xmas tree has been trimmed just in time for Santa to arrive

Bonus USA Loppy Squeaker
This tiny squeaker is a perfect stress reliever during the busy and hectic holiday season. USA Loppy’s cuteness is also sure to help you get through even the most stressful of days.

Fluffy Pink Pen
If you’re planning on writing a letter to Santa, be sure to do it in style with this adorable and unique pen. Even after the holidays are over, you’ll be able to sport this pen on the daily— in class or at work—making you the most kawaii of them all.

Daily Organizer
2016 is almost over and one way to begin working on those New Year’s Resolutions is with a daily organizer. Stay organized in the New Year with a planner decorated with kawaii- ed symbols of Japan including Mt. Fuji, a daruma, and a kokeshi doll.

Mameshiba Cellphone Cleaner
Amuse’s “Bean Shiba Inu” are round and cute just like their namesake. The characters are 3 Shiba Inu brothers named Mametaro, Mamejiro, and Mamesaburo, but are also joined by a new doggie friend named Sasuke! These cell phone cleaners are perfect for cleaning your phone after a long day of taking photos with friends and family.

Pote USA Loppy Eco Bag
Want to stay green but be kawaii while doing it? This reusable bag is an Amuse x Doki Doki exclusive and it features everyone’s favorite Loppy eared bunny, Pote USA Loppy! Amuse is a famous Japanese arcade prize maker known for their adorable animal characters making this bag a rare collector’s item that is as functional as it is cute. With Xmas just around the corner, it’ll also be perfect for your next shopping trip and for carrying around those heavy presents!

Paw Gloves
Let’s face it. It’s hard to stay kawaii when it’s freezing out but these paw gloves will do the trick! They’re gray and pink, a fashionable color combo in Japan this winter. The gloves are furry and warm and even have holes for your fingers so that your paws look like they have claws. And if you’ve ever been worried about not being able to use your smartphone with gloves on, look no further because with your fingers free you can do that too! Never miss a text from a loved one this holiday season.

Calvin and Coco
Calvin is a bright British foreign exchange student, dressed here in a classic plaid scarf instead of his usual gakuran. Coco is a kindhearted but airheaded schoolgirl and is dressed fashionably in a red shawl to match her signature red bow.

  1. I loved my December box! As always my son dashed in and claimed an item or two for himself – but he was firmly told that the paw mitts were for MOMMA!

  2. I would have loved to get this 🙁 but i was very sick and didn’t have the money for it at the time..