Here’s What You Missed: December’s Japan Crate

December’s Theme: Happy Holidays


Sakuranbo No Uta
These cherry drops have a unique, smooth cherry taste with a small hint of creamy goodness reminiscent of a holiday cherry pie with a dollop of whipped cream! Make sure to try one after eating a real holiday cherry pie to see how close it tastes to the real thing!

Umai Wa Vegetable Salad Flavor
Coming from the same creators of Umaibo sticks, these chips have the flavor of a tasty garden salad with plenty of dressing. Share this big bag with those who made it on your nice list this year.

Animal Lessons Choco
Cute and soft biscuits with a melty chocolatey center that go great with milk! Share them with the children in your family for a fun lesson on animals this holiday season.

Tsundermon Gum
You may recognize the word tsundere from the Japanese character term. It refers to someone who starts off cold and hostile but slowly warms up over time. Just like tsundere characters, this super tart lemon gum’s sourness turns sweet the more you chew on it.

Morokoshi Wa Ta Ro
Crispy corn puffs are a popular dagashi treat. These lightly salted puffs have a soft and quiet crunch, so they’re a perfect snack to enjoy while watching your favorite holiday movie.

Grapefruit & Orange Nodo Ame
Nobody likes getting sick during the holidays! With a healthy dose of Vitamin C per ball, you can feel good about enjoying these grapefruit and orange hard candies!

Double Sparkling Yuzu & Lemon Soda
A familiar and refreshing flavor with an unexpected tang. Yuzu is a popular citrus fruit and it’s what gives this soda its nice citrus aftertaste.

Calpico Mini
Light and fluffy Calpico Minis are a great replacement for ice cream cones during the cold winter. Crunchy wafer cones filled with light, airy chocolate. Receive one of three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry.

Kakushi Ume-Dama
Ume is a Japanese sour pickled plum. These start off sweet and slowly reveal a sour ume interior! Find out why this candy is a great trick to give those who made your naughty list on page 5

Yakimo Yokan
A very popular treat in the Japanese wintertime, Yakimo Yokan is a roasted sweet potato flavored gelatin dessert. This treat taste almost like a real roasted sweet potato! See page 6 to learn more about sweet potatoes in Japan,

Harvest Biscuit Matcha Flavor
If you’re a fan of green tea Kit-Kats, these biscuits are for you. Your crate includes eight packs of four cookies so that you can enjoy crisp biscuits during your winter break. Savor the sweet matcha taste after dinner with a hot cup of tea or coffee!

Anpanman Pero Pero Chocolate
These chocolate lollipops are almost too cute to eat! Featuring your favorite Anpanman characters, these chocolate pops are perfect for dipping into a cup of hot chocolate!

Choco Kinako Mochi Machha DIY

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  1. Thank you, As I didn’t receive a booklet with Japan Crate this month, I had wondered what most of the items were.

    I gave alot of the hard candy to my next door neighbor to give to her daughter, as I don’t eat alot of hard candy.

    The chocolate Lollipop and the Moochi kit were awesome. I also Loved the Roasted Potato Gel Snack and both of the Corn chips included with the Kit.

    The Yuzu drink was okay, not my favorite drink but not bad either.

    Thank you again for an interesting kit.