A Touch of Spice – Shichimi Togarashi


Previously we’ve highlighted a common spice that is often sprinkled atop bowls of ramen.

We’re incredibly happy to bring you a variant of Ichimi Togarashi! For March, our bonus item is Shichimi Togarashi!!

This delicious spice blend consists of Red Pepper, Roasted Orange Peel, Black Sesame Seed, Yellow Sesame Seed, Japanese Pepper, Seaweed, and Ginger.

What’s great, is that this spice can be used a multitude of ways to really enhance the flavor of many dishes!


We love eating it on top of rice, eggs, ramen, and a ton of other foods!


Let us know what you think of our first edible bonus item!


  1. Sadly I couldn’t use the bonus item spice packet, since surgery I cannot handle spicy foods anymore. Otherwise I would normally be all over that and loving it. Going to hold onto the item and hope my stomach goes back to how it use to be.

  2. Yay!! I requested this and you actually included it! That’s awesome! I’d love to see more edible bonus items! Maybe a red bean mochi soup cup, thin sliced nori toppings, ume paste in a tube, other dried ramen add ins.
    So excited for the next crate already, hope to see more characters and more variety of ramen flavors!

  3. So excited, I tried to find it in the local Asian market but they did not carry it. I cannot wait to try it over eggs and noodles.