Yoyosan Soft Candy DIY!

We thought that candy and snacks were getting a little old, so in the March Japan Crate we sent you FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!!!

Okay, so it really -was- candy, but we thought this simple DIY kit was a lot of fun!
Similar to the Waku Waku Zoo Animal DIY, this it comes with one of four different molds so you can use the soft taffy like candy to make your own vegetable stand!

You simply need to follow three steps to get your veggie stand up and running!

  1. Use the Red, Yellow and Green taffy to fill your vegetable molds.
  2. Fit the back of the mold and press until your veggies are fully formed!
  3. Remove the back of the mold, gently remove your vegetables & peel off any extra taffy from the edges.
  4. Enjoy!

fruits diy made

If you need to make Orange for your vegetable stand simply mix a little of the yellow and red taffy and work it together until it is orange!
Need Brown!? Just mix a bit of all three colors and work it together until you have the brown for your onion or potato!

Which mold did you get?
Pineapple, Carrot, Apple, Broccoli
Melon, Corn, Onion, Peach
Banana, Pepper, Strawberry, Tomato
Cucumber, Grape, Orange, Potato

We hope you had fun with your Yoyosan Soft Candy DIY!


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