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We’re excited to announce the JC Rewards Program!! Starting on 3/31 all active subscribers will be enrolled in the Rewards Program letting you redeem goodies and discounts with J-Coins!

What’s a J-Coin?
J-Coin is the currency used to claim your hard earned rewards! Each J-Coin is worth 3X the dollar amount you spend. So multiple crate subscribers will be raking in the J-Coins!!!

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I’ve been a long-term subscriber, what do I get?
First, thank you so much for your continual support for the Japan Crate family. We wouldn’t have been able to grow and share the fun experience of Japan without you! Subscribers who have been part of the Japan Crate family prior to the Rewards Program will receive bonus J-Coins!

IMPORTANT: To claim your bonus points, family members must have an active subscription by 4pm  PST on 3/30!!

Referral Program
Love Japan Crate? Want your friends to join the family? If you refer a friend using the Rewards Page and they join the Japan Crate family you’ll be rewarded too! More friends = more monnnaayyyy (J-Coins). Just make sure your friend hasn’t had an account with us before for your referral to be valid. Once family, always family ^.^

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You can also complete quests such as following our Instagram page or joining the Newsletter to earn additional J-Coins! Be sure to check the Rewards Page every so often for new quests!

Have any additional ideas for quests? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!!

We’re excited to launch the Rewards Program on 3/31 and can’t wait to hear what you think!!!

If you have any additional questions visit our FAQ here.

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