McDonald’s Sakura McFizz & Sakura Shrimp Fries!

Did you know McDonald’s Japan releases seasonal Sakura items? We visited and tried two of their Sakura flavored items!


First, we tried the Sakura McFizz! It was so good that we had to order a second. The flavor reminded us of a very light Sprite, with a hint of sweet Sakura. If you’ve never tried Sakura before, it’s like a slightly floral taste with a hint of sweetness.



sakura 2

Next, we tried the limited edition Sakura Shrimp French Fries! Sakura shrimp are a different kind of sakura flavor. They get their name because they’re small with a bright red color similar to sakura flowers. The first step is to add the Sakura Shrimp packet to the fries.


Shake up the bag


Shake, shake, shake~


Now it’s ready to eat! After one bite you’ll find why this is such a popular flavor in Japan. The fries taste similar to Ebi Chips, but with the texture of warm french fries and mmm, it’s delicious! ^.^

sakura fries
Want to try this seasonal Sakura Shrimp flavor at home? We’re including Sakura Shrimp flavored Popcorn in April’s Movie Munchies crate alongside other fun snacks!! Don’t miss out, join the Japan Crate family today:



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