Fast Food Friday: McDonald’s Sakura McFlurry & Melon McShake!

Welcome to our First Edition of Fast Food Fridays!

Since McDonald’s recently released the Melon McShake on 3/22, we decided to inaugurate Fast Food Fridays with some Cold Drinks and Desserts! This Friday, we tried the Sakura McFlurry and Melon McShake off of McDonald Japan’s Spring Menu.

First up, was the Sakura Mcflurry. We loved the taste from the Sakura McFizz and Sakura Shrimp Fries and so had high hopes for the McFlurry. Boy, it didn’t disappoint. The McFlurry smelled just like Sakura!! At first, we thought the flavor was going to be overbearing, but after one taste we soon found that McDonald’s created another great dessert!

McDonald’s perfectly blended the classic McFlurry texture and ice cream taste with the seasonal Sakura flower for a refreshing dessert.

McDonald's Sakura Japan Mcflurry Shake Soda

Feeling pretty happy after the Sakura McFlurry, we popped a new straw into the Melon McShake.

It was love at first gulp. The drink was thick like a smoothie and made for a great Melon dessert! For those familiar with the ice cream Melona, it tasted just like it!! The drink was the perfect amount of sweetness, allowing you to drink it without ever feeling like overwhelmed by sugar or flavor.

McDonald's Japan Melon Shake

If you are ever in Japan during the Spring, we definitely recommend trying one of these items from the menu!

You can also try a Melon Flavor drink in April’s Japan Crate! Get yours here:

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