Japan Crate Visits One Piece in Tokyo Tower!

Did you know there is a One Piece attraction inside the famous Tokyo Tower? The Japan Crate family decided to check it out!

And if in case you didn’t know, the Tokyo Tower looks like this~


Luffy and Chopper greeted us at the entrance, and there was a platform between the two characters for fans to pose for a photo!


Passing the entrance, you enter a round room that feels like you’re aboard a ship and the middle beam acts like the ship’s mast. Once the room is filled (or there is no one left in line), the doors you’ve just entered from shut and a short film starts to project on the entire room’s circular wall! For about 10 minutes we were engrossed in One Piece short clips from the manga and anime~ it really got us excited to start our journey through the 3-floor attraction.

Sadly, we weren’t allowed to record any footage of the video, but as soon as it ended the doors opened and you’re greeted with~


LUFFY & THE STRAW HAT CREW enjoying a feast, welcoming you to the attraction called Tongari Island.

Inside Tongari Island they had games such as Usopp’s Road to Sogeking’s firing range. The goal is to knock down as many of the “baddies” as you can with your sniper slingshot. If you knock them all down, a giant ship appears and you have to precisely aim your next shots into a small hole in the ship’s weak point!



We weren’t able to bring the ship down, but we hear you receive a special gift if you do!

Other fun attractions include Zoro’s Soul of Edge where you use a sword to cut through cannonballs! It reminded us of Fruit Ninja XD. Nami has a Casino house where you can test your luck to win a prize. Robin’s Finding Ponegliff is an amusement park scavenger hunt that tests your discovery skills and Brook’s Horror House is a small haunted house that has you try to get a small ball into a zombie’s mouth!

While walking around Tongari Island you can find many One Piece characters~




Tongari Island even features a live show about the “operation” to capture The Straw Hat Crew~ we won’t give any spoilers away but it’s a real treat to watch and the audience gets to participate!


Can you believe we spent almost 4 hours on Tongari Island!! With so much to see and waiting in lines, the time went by so fast. We definitely recommend visiting the island if you are ever in Tokyo!


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