Japan Loves Pudding! Here Are 4 You Have To Try

1. Starbucks Chocolate Banana Pudding

If you are a Starbucks fan, not only does Japan offer some fun, different flavors but they have great pudding too! A little unfair to the rest of the competition, this pudding combines chocolate that is found in the bottom of the container with banana pudding.

Mix the two together and you get a delicious taste that reminded us of chocolate snack packs with a hint of banana! The texture is a nice, smooth, soft mousse pudding.

2. 7 Eleven Konbini Pudding

With a 7/11 virtually almost everywhere in Tokyo we decided to stop by taste some konbini pudding.

Open it up and you get a nice sweet and eggy pudding served in a plastic cup. The pudding is a good thickness but isn’t too heavy. This was some of our team members favorite from all the ones we tasted!

3. Marlowe Pudding

The Marlowe Pudding is marketed more as a “fancy pudding” and comes nicely packaged including serving instructions plus a glass for you to mix the pudding in!

The Marlowe Pudding taste was much like the burnt sugar flavor that you would find on a creme brulee giving it the “high-class” dessert feeling.  With a subtle pudding flavor, it wasn’t too sweet and would pair great with an espresso!

4. Pudding Drink

Want to wash all the yummy food in Japan down with a tasty dessert drink? Try this Pudding Drink!

You can find this pudding drink in vending machines and is common around Japan. It has a great taste and is lightly sweet similar to the Marlowe pudding, making it perfect for a drink.

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  1. So many fun puddings, I’d love to try them all! Especially the pudding drink, I bet it’s yummy! Japan, why do you have all the cool things!?