Here’s What You Missed: June’s Doki Doki Crate


June’s Theme: Everyday Essentials

Mocchi-zuu Big Size Face Bag
This plushy crossbody bag is the epitome of practicality and kawaii-ness. You’ll receive 1 of 5 different designs—chick, panda, cat, polar bear, bunny—that are big enough to hold all your essentials including a cell phone, wallet, keys, and even more!

Gudetama Latte Art Sheet (10 sheets set)
Make your morning cup of coffee or afternoon cup of tea a unique one with Gudetama latte art! It’s as easy as placing 1 of 10 different uniquely designed sheets on your preferred drink. Your everyday cup o’ joe won’t ever be the same again!

Hello Kitty Stamp Case
Hello Kitty’s face makes every day better especially when you are in dire need of some organization. Although this case is normally used for stamps, you can also you it for other stationery items or trinkets like jewelry, hair accessories, makeup, or charms (like Hoppe-chan!).

My Melody Sticky Notes
We know you’re always busy so we’re here to help you stay cute while being productive. These My Melody Sticky Notes will leave all your readings or to-do lists as kawaii as ever!

My Melody Vinyl Bag
Receive either a medium set or large vinyl bag with a My Melody print. Use medium bags for party favors, gifts, and even baked goods! Large bags can be used for larger gifts but also for shopping in style. They’re convenient and versatile as a re-usable bag so take them shopping with you!

Sakuranbo Hoppe-chan
Sakuranbo or “Cherries” are in season in May and Hoppe-chan is here to enjoy them. Her pastel pink color and cherry accessory make her the most kawaii!

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