Here’s What You Missed: May’s Doki Doki Crate

May’s Doki Dok Crate Theme: Kawaii Kritters

Sumikko Gurashi/Doraemon Shampoo Bottle
Penguin or cat which is your favorite? Penguin is a Sumiko Gurashi or “Thing in the Corner” because he’s from one of the furthest corners of the world—the South Pole! Doraemon is a time-traveling robotic cat who is one of Japan’s most beloved characters. Get one or the other as an adorable shampoo bottle shaped just like them!

Higemanju Gamaguchi Coin Purse
Higemanju, which means “whiskered Manju (steamed bun)” is the perfect description for Amuse’s fluffy cat characters. These adorable coin purses are perfect for fans of all things kawaii or cat-related.

Antler Beret
Deer are of the most iconic Japanese animals and roam free in the city of Nara! Look just as cute as a Nara deer in this cute beret with little antlers—try wearing it if you’re ever in Nara and see if you can attract any deer!

Aggressive Retsuko Stickers
Meet Sanrio’s newest character, Aggressive Retsuko! She’s a red panda who is a successful businesswoman at a trading firm but who just can’t deal with her annoying co-workers. To let off steam, she likes to go to karaoke bars and sing death metal solos! Decorate notebooks, laptops, stationery, and more with stickers of this spunky and relatable character. (Did you know Japan is only one of a few places that run programs to help save the red panda from being an endangered species?)

Sunhoseki Plush: Éclair Petit Lapin
Petit Lapin is back but this time’s he’s an éclair! This bunny loves French culture and whenever eats his favorite French pastries, he magically transforms into that food.

Children’s Day Hoppe-chan
May 5th is Children’s Day in Japan and a traditional activity on this day is raising koi-shaped flags! The koi fish shaped flag is typically associated with this holiday and Hoppe-chan is ready to celebrate by hitching a ride on one!

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