Here’s What You Missed: July’s Doki Doki Crate

July’s Theme: Kirei Kitchen

My Melody Medium Plate
Did you know that My Melody’s favorite thing to do is bake? Serve up some of your own yummy creations on this adorable plate featuring a My Melody design. The frilly edges also make this dish a unique one perfect for adding something kawaii to your kitchen.

My Melody Small Plate
This plate and the one featured above are part of a matching set. They look adorable served together—use the medium plate for the main dish and this smaller one for an individual serving. Matching dishware also helps keep your kitchen looking nice and put-together!

My Melody Microfiber Dry Cloth
You’ve got to have something to dry off those plates too. This adorable dry cloth is a necessity in any home, as it’s both cute (who doesn’t love My Melody?) and functional.

Hello Kitty Kitchen Cloth Set
Keep your kitchen nice and kirei (clean) with this Hello Kitty cloth set. Use it as a drying cloth, to wipe down any wet spots, and more. Hello Kitty’s cute and happy design will help you get through those tough and boring chores!

Keep your kitchen clean by keeping yourself clean as well by wearing an apron while you cook! This breakfast inspired apron with a cute sunny-side up egg and chicken design in a happy mac-and-cheese color will get you energized and ready to tackle all the day’s challenges!

Panda Onigiri Mold Kit
Keep onigiri (rice ball) making clean and efficient but cute and fun as well with this panda mold! Make perfect panda-shaped onigiri by putting balls of rice in the mold and then use the punch cutter to make Mr. Panda’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth out of seaweed. Put it all together for a cute and easy bento box!

Dokodemo Calimero
Dokodemo Calimero or “Anywhere Calimero” are little figurines of the popular retro anime character Calimero that are made to hang on cups, folders, boxes, and more. Many any boring cup look super kawaii with Calimero.

Tanabata Angel Hoppe-chan
Tanabata, or the Star Festival, is celebrated on July 7th and Hoppe-chan is looking as festive as ever. Her angelic design is sure to help bring the two star-crossed lovers, Orihime and Hikoboshi, together.

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