Here’s What You Missed: August’s Japan Crate

August’s Theme: Japan Crate All-Stars: 3 Year Anniversary!

7 Stick Milk Cream
You may recognize this classic snack from our March 2016 crate but in a chocolate flavor! Crisp wafer cookies filled with cream are an all-around crowd pleaser especially in this milk-flavored edition.

Fue Ramune + Bonus Toy Box
Can’t whistle? Our February crate featured this awesome candy in a Grape Ramune flavor that’s not only super impressive but super yummy too! It also comes with a bonus mystery toy for extra fun! This month’s Fue Ramune is in the classic Ramune flavor, a favorite in Japan.

Grape Gummies
Yaokin, one of our favorite featured Japanese snack companies (they are the makers of the famous Umaibou!), is here to bring you a mini pack of gummies in an awesome grape flavor.

Puchi Puchi Uranai Chocolate: Strawberry
The name of this candy which means “pop-pop fortune telling chocolate” is fun for the whole family! First seen in our July 2016 crate, this is a special strawberry flavored version! Match the secret symbol on each foil backing to a key which will tell your fortune.

Mike Popcorn: Noodle Broth Base Flavor
Mike Popcorn is back in a new flavor! Made famous by April’s Spring Clam and Sakura Shrimp flavor and last month’s Setouchi & Lemon flavor, popular demand is bringing Mike back once more. This month’s version brings the savory umami taste of a noodle broth base, used most commonly in the cold noodle dishes of summer, and perfectly pairs it with the airy but crisp texture of popped corn.

Biroroon Pop
Yaokin is back at it again with its fun and delicious snacks. Slip the spring on your finger and you’re ready to eat! This silly version of the classic Ring Pop is sure to send you in a fit of giggles.

Chip Star: Seaweed Salt
A fan favorite from our February 2016 crate is back! The traditional Japanese flavor known as “norishio” or seaweed salt combines the fragrant taste of seaweed with salt to give you a quintessentially Japanese flavor.

Hi-Chew: Shizuoka Crown Melon
The most popular Japanese candy outside of Japan is here in a special edition flavor: Shizuoka Crown Melon! Taste the king of summer fruit that is unique to Japan in candy form.

Tiny Bakauke: Seaweed
Our Limited Edition Pokemon Bakauke from February’s crate was a big hit so we’re here to bring you Bakauke once more in a new flavor: seaweed. This traditional and super popular snack flavor is just right, paired with the thin, banana-shaped senbei or rice cracker that is Bakauke.

Super Mario Mega Gummies
Throughout the past couple years we’ve brought you special snack collaborations with popular characters like Pokemon, Hello Kitty, and Gudetama. We’re pleased this month to add another character item to this lineup—Super Mario! We know many of you are big fans of the games so we hope you enjoy and have fun snacking on these Super Mario character-shaped gummies!

Blueberry & Strawberry Nodo Ame
Back in December, we featured a Grapefruit & Orange (all winter fruits!) flavor and now we’re bringing you a summer fruits version in Blueberry and Strawberry. These hard candies that double as throat lozenges contain Vitamin A, which is important for maintaining good vision and the health of your skin and bones.

Tsunaage Arare: French Dressing
This crispy treat is an iconic Japanese snack by the popular savory snack brand Bonchi, maker of popular snacks previously featured in our crates like Bonchiage (March crate) and Ponsuke (April crate). The refreshing taste of French Dressing on crisp, light rice crackers will remind you of a summer salad!

Kawarimi Gyogyo Gum
Marukawa, Japan’s most popular gum company, brings a quirky twist on an old classic. The name “Kawarimi” which refers to the Body Substitution Technique made popular by ninja films describes perfectly the goal of this unique candy. Mix and match 4 different flavors of gum: green apple (green), grape (purple), yogurt (blue), and peach (pink) to make your own special flavor!

Fanta Kiwi + E
We’re featuring a unique Japan only flavor of the popular fruit-flavored soda, Fanta! And if a kiwi-flavored soda wasn’t already cool enough the extra Vitamin E in this soda makes drinking soft drinks a little less guilt-free.

One Piece Pen
This 4-color ink pen is decorated with a print of the popular anime One Piece! Show how much of a fan you are on the go with this adorable piece of stationery.

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