From The Creator of Rilakkuma: Nya-Ossan & Friends

The creator of Rilakkuma has a new set of characters featuring Nya-Ossan the cat, Ikene-san the squid, Chyu-bō the boy mouse, Tako-Shachō the President octopus, and Kappa which is a mythical imp from Japanese folklore.

We’ve included the bio’s with loose translations for you below 🙂

He looks like an old man, so this cat is named “Nyaa-Ossan”. He works part time at a store called Nyandemo 21. President Tako and everyone else always asks him to do things that he can’t do. When he walks using his two feet wearing his trademark waistband, he gets stomach pains. Catnip drink is his favorite drink.

He is the manager of the cafe “I Kafe”, which is in the Nyandemo 21 building’s 1st floor. He works Nyaoossan very hard, though he’s supposed to be a customer. Ikanee-San has a do-it-til-you-drop type mentality, and he’s scary when he gets angry. He loves using fake eyelashes. He may be a man, but he has a heart of a woman.

He went to school with Nyaa-Ossan, and since their school days they have been eternal rivals. He kind of stumbled upon Nyandemo 21 and ended up getting a part time job there. He is a person who can be shrewd yet be very nonchalant about it.

President Tako
He is the president of Nyandemo 21 and Nyaa-Ossan’s employer. He troubles employees because he always approves of the most difficult work. His specialties are asking too much of his employees. He has blonde hair!

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