Get to Know Your Favorite Sanrio Friends!

Get to Know some of your Sanrio friends in April’s Crate

April’s crate features a throwback to some of Sanrio’s original characters in cute retro cups for your everyday, practical use!

Get to know more about these kawaii characters behind the cups in this blog post:

Pompompurin (ポムポムプリン)

Birthday: April 16
Debut: 1996

Pompompurin loves to collect + hide shoes, takes naps, does ‘purin aerobics, and has a fondness for his Mama’s cream caramel pudding.

Fun Fact: Did you know he has his own dance? Check it out:

He is also featured character in the Sanrio collaboration with Ensemble Stars.


Keroppi (けろけろけろっぴ)

Birthday: July 10
Debut: 1988

Keroppi loves: baseball and boomerangs, lives near Donut Pond with his family, and has a snail friend named Den Den he hangs out with.

Pochacco (ポチャッコ)

Birthday: February 29
Debut: 1989

Pochacco lives in Uguisu Alley, likes going to walks and eating banana ice cream. He is as tall as four cups of his favorite banana ice cream.

Tuxedosam (タキシードサム)

Birthday: May 12
Debut: 1979

You can always find Tuxedosam in a suit and he has two brothers named Tam and Ham. He has a collection of over 365 bow ties… one for every day of the year!

Character Swag

All four characters are being released in cute macaron sized plushies in amusement parks \*o*/


These characters are also featured as tippari bread plushies. *squeals* 


You can get one of four of these characters in April’s Doki Doki Crate by subscribing today here! Check out the featured item below ^.^




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