Starbucks Halloween Witch Dark Apple Chocolate & Halloween Princess Milk Sweet Apple

It’s the season for all things sweet! Starbucks definitely agrees and in celebration released the Halloween Witch Dark Apple Chocolate VS Halloween Princess Milk Sweet Apple.

We know what you’re wondering, so we had our team try out the newest fantastic sounding fantasy themed flavors!

The Halloween Witch Dark Apple Chocolate oozed chocolate syrup and was loved by the team! It had a rich and sweet chocolate flavor mixed with real chunks of apple which added a bit of sourness. It definitely added for an interesting texture of chewy and creamy.

Next up was the Halloween Princess Milk Sweet Apple, which was as pretty as it sounds!  It was a mixture of white and pink swirls topped with shiny pearls and being mixed with caramel syrup reminded us of indulging on a caramel covered apple. We were sad to see the shiny pearls disappear under the delicious cream, but they were a fun surprise later when our sips had crunchy bits of sugar.

Each drink priced at 590 yen ($5.25) we definitely suggest stopping by a Starbucks in Japan with your friend to channel your inner Witch and/or Princess!

Which are you? A Dark Witch or Sweet Princess?


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