Taste Test: Japan’s Pringles x SuperCup Flavors!

I always have a hard time choosing what to eat. From doing a cost-benefit analysis of each option on the menu to repeatedly opening the fridge and cabinets waiting for either a decision or a new snack to magically present itself.

Well, it’s 2018 and things just got a bit easier thanks to the new Pringles and Acecook SuperCup collaboration! No longer do you have to choose between chips, yakisoba, or ramen. The brands partnered to celebrate SuperCup’s 30th & Pringles 50th anniversary, so all over Japan, they released these limited edition flavor switch-ups!

Don’t let Mr. Pringle’s face fool you, these are noodles! To the left Jalapeno & Onion flavored Ramen, to the right Sour Cream & Onion Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles)

The reverse! To the left Squid Yakisoba flavored Pringles, to the right Chicken Bone & Soy Sauce Ramen

All the items couldn’t be found at one location so we went on a scavenger hunt all over Tokyo to get them for subscribers! 

Piles on piles of food….. Taste test time!

We love the Jalapeno & Onion Ramen! It has a light sour taste with hints of jalapeno and a bright onion flavor. It’s not spicy or overpowering in flavor which makes it a tasty and easy meal. 

Sour Cream & Onion is a classic snack flavor so we’re excited about this fusion! We get a whiff of the powder seasoning and it smells just like popping open 3 new cans of the chips. We take a bite and we’re at ease that it doesn’t taste as intense as it smells. It’s pretty tasty as the sour cream adds for a light creamy flavor.

Today’s dessert? Chips!

The Chicken Bone Soy Sauce Ramen chips were packed with flavor! We could definitely taste what it was created to be. Interesting but I think I prefer my ramen in noodle form. You’ll have to be the judge for yourself though!

The Squid Yakisoba chips would be a first for us. They taste like thick yakisoba sauce and have a surprising sweetness to them! We didn’t taste much squid flavor. We’ll admit that our taste buds were a bit confused, but it was pretty good!

As professional snackers, it was quite the snacking adventure! If you want to try them for yourself, subscribe to get your own: japancrate.com/umai-promo2

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