Starbucks Valentine Customania Frappuccino in Japan!

Starbucks Valentine Customania Frappuccino

Our dearest sweetheart, Starbucks, released a new seasonal Frappuccino in celebration of the sweetest day of the year! So, of course, we had to head to the cafe on opening day looking for a cup of love (Aka coffee) to pick up the Starbucks Valentine Customania Frappuccino!

Starbucks understands that one lover doesn’t suit every person’s taste. Therefore, there are three varieties to choose from: the +Romantic, +Chocolate, or +Coffee!

Starbucks Valentine Customania FrappuccinoHey there, good-looking! 

We flung open the doors and walked in ready to be greeted by a new aphrodisiac taste. Unfortunately, we were greeted with a line snaking down a couple of rows. In other words, we were off to a bumpy start, but like they say, “Good things come to those who wait…”

Starbucks Valentine Customania FrappuccinoWhich one?!?

Our love was won over by the enticing sprinkle toppings so we choose the +Romantic and +Chocolate. We anxiously awaited as we see one Valentine Frappucino after another being made and swiftly taken away.

Starbucks Valentine Customania FrappuccinoLook at these perfectly matching babes!

The Valentine Customania Frappuccino has a base of cacao, caramel, and the aroma of dark roasted coffee. It was a refreshing change from the recent seasonal releases, such as the Strawberry Cake Frappuccino, White Chocolate Snow, Pistachio Christmas Tree, which lacked an essence of coffee. The combination was a smooth blend of bitter and sweet. Additionally, the Starbucks staples of whip cream and chocolate syrup top off each drink.

Starbucks Valentine Customania FrappuccinoSpitting sprinkle game

The +Romantic has the addition of bright pink sprinkled meringues for a dash of color and strawberry sweetness. The +Chocolate included the topping of chocolate biscuit bits which bore a resemblance to the taste of Oreos.

Starbucks Valentine Customania FrappuccinoSip….Crunch….Crunch….Sip

The real kicker is the texture! It was incredibly crunchy with a blended base of crispy cacao cookies. Overall, it was reminiscent of opening the snack cabinet to scrounge around for leftover cookies and half empty chocolate syrup to add to a glutinous bowl of cookies & cream ice cream. All of that and a hint of coffee. A flavor that encompassed a mix of childhood and adulthood.

Starbucks Valentine Customania FrappuccinoThe hearts! Nice touch SB!

We voted the +Chocolate as our favorite between the two! It seemed fitting since loads of chocolate is quintessential of Valentine’s day. Old faithful chocolate will never let you down! 

The Starbucks Valentine Customania Frappuccino is available in Japan until February 14th with prices starting from ¥590. Which one do you want to try?

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