Gashapon/Gachapon: Japan’s Capsule Toy Obsession!

Japan makes purchasing toys more convenient than ever!

Japan loves vending machines: you can buy drinks, soup, cigarettes, food, and even toys from them! Toy vending machines in Japan are also known as Gashapon or Gachapon which dispense blind box capsule toys.

We’re diving into the What, Where, Why and Want of Gachapon to help you start your journey.

Gachapon Gashapon
Cranking all day every day


The toys inside range from random to functional to just for fun and everything in between. They vary from different types of figures to key chains to hats for your cat and everything in between. Our favorite licensed characters such as Pokemon, Dragonball Z,  Sailormoon, and Sanrio are also available. They’re always changing and guaranteed to blow your blind. Just take a look below of some of our favorites.

Cat Hat Gachapon Gashapon
We weren’t kidding about the cat hats…
Sailor moon charm keychain gachapon gashapon
Sailor Moon key chains to fend off bad vibes
Pokemon Cable Protector Gachapon Gashapon
Pokemon cable protectors to prevent wire tear! Thanks little guy!


They are just about everywhere in Japan and usually stacked and lined up in rows! Including but not limited to along streets, train stations, arcades, in front of stores and supermarkets.

Gachapon Gashapon Street
Spotted on the way home!


Well, why not? It’s a fun way to add some spice of excitement to the day. It also becomes addicting. It’s basically toy gambling because you never know which variety you will receive. Many of them are collectibles with loyal fan-followings.

Gachapon Gashapon gif
“Gacha” comes from the cranking sound. You can almost hear it!


If you want your chance to crank one of these machines you’ll have to come to Japan! The next best experience is the Gacha Gacha Crate which includes 6 different gacha toys from Japan. You never know what surprises are waiting for you inside. If you’re interested in more news on gacha toys and occasional giveaways find them here!

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