Starbucks Sakura Chocolate with Strawberry Jelly Drink!


Starbucks started spring celebrations with sakura! First in line was the Starbucks Sakura Chocolate Strawberry Jelly drink. It graced the shelves of convenience stores on February 12th to pep us up for the season.

We headed to the store to snag a drink for ourselves. The packaging had immediately set itself apart from the rest. There it was in flashy pink attire with gold cherry blossoms that basically screamed “Pick me!”

Starbucks Sakura Chocolate Strawberry Jelly Drink
Which is exactly what happened…

As we attempted to contain our excitement we gave our drinks a little shake and shimmy to break up all the strawberry jelly bits. The drink was definitely sweet and closer to a dessert than a morning “shift into maximum overdrive” jolt. It was creamy with a milky base of white chocolate and vanilla. The strawberry jelly added some fruity fun and an interesting texture similar to a tapioca drink.

Starbucks Sakura Chocolate Strawberry Jelly Drink
Are you jelly?

Starbucks has sakura on its mind this season and we’re all for it! Interested in staying posted on seasonal releases and new products? Get on aboard the sakura trip here!

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