Sakura Flavored Treats In Japan!

Sakura Alert!

Pink themed goodies are taking the spotlight on shelves this February, but it’s not for Valentine’s day. Cherry blossom flavored treats are trickling into stores nationwide. It’s a bit early considering they usually bloom from March to April in Tokyo. However, we are more than ready to start fangirling early. Get a peek at some of the seasonal releases below.

Cherry Blossom Matcha Pocky

Cherry Blossom Matcha PockyThe bitterness of matcha mixed with the sweetness of cherry blossom. It’s a match(a) made in heaven. You can get Sakura Pocky here

Cherry Blossom Latte

Cherry Blossom LatteJust imagine drinking a warm sweet cherry blossom latte under a sakura tree. Perfection.

Cherry Blossom Gummy

Cherry Blossom GummyEach cute squishy pink gummy is shaped like a cherry blossom petal!

Cherry Blossom Lipton Tea

Cherry Blossom Lipton TeaLipton tea infused with a flowery cherry blossom blend. Tea party anyone?

We are jumping into this pastel pink petal pit feet first! It’s light and sweet flavor makes for a perfect springtime drink!

We’ll be updating the list as we encounter more Sakura goodies! Stay tuned for more releases and some opportunities to grab these items on our Social Media!

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